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AdiChai – Non Toxic Dinosaur Toys for Kids Above 3 Years – Set of 6 Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles of the clade Dinosauria. They first appeared during the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago, although the exact origin and timing of the evolution of dinosaurs is the subject of active research. Dinosaurs are a varied group of animals from morphological and ecological standpoints. Birds, at over 10,000 living species, are the most diverse group of vertebrates besides perciform fish. When dinosaurs appeared, they were not the dominant terrestrial animals. The terrestrial habitats were occupied by various types of archosauromorphs and therapsids, like cynodonts and rhynchosaurs. Their main were the pseudosuchia, such as aetosaurs, ornithosuchids and rauisuchians, which were more successful than the dinosaurs. Some Important Facts about dinosaurs: Weren’t the First Reptiles to Rule the Earth. Dinosaurs Prospered for over 150 Million Years. The Dinosaur Kingdom Comprised Two Main Branches. Dinosaurs (Almost Certainly) Evolved into Birds. Some dinosaurs Were Warm-Blooded.

In the set, Species of Dinosaur includes Acanthosis,Ceratosaurus,Brachiosaurus etc. They are durable enough to be used indoors or out.
Your Kids will enjoy playing with these realistic-looking dinosaurs.It can be for educational purpose. It’s fun playing with the dinosaur toys set.
The toys set don’t have any smell odour and it is non toxic product.
Best Gift for your kids.Our dinosaur figure set will be a unique gift idea

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